Throwing Shade

by Jolly Korea

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released July 8, 2013

Music and Lyrics: Eugene Kalsted & Peter Nafziger
Recorded, Produced, and Engineered by: Kevin Kalal



all rights reserved


Jolly Korea Chicago, Illinois

We pump out the hits, we moisten the clits. Riffs gettin ya harder than viagra, and ladies wetter than Niagra.

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Track Name: Only Time
It's only time

Don't let me catch you slippin' now
The highest stakes get lowered to your height & weight
But I'm not sinking next to you
If I ever get there, it'll be a while

I am on the verge, all kidding aside
I am every star the horoscope aligns
I am unwelcome, but it's only time
I am still unheard, but it's only time..
Track Name: Harriet
& if you wanna séance then the door is open, open, open, open & ajar

I'm sore, felt the weight of a metaphor, it's knowin', knowin', knowin', knowin' I know

& if you wanna signal, everything is stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, on the road

Struck nerves, unsure, settle out of court, it's always, always, always before & after

I'm fine if ya change ya mind, you'll find me low key, low key, low key, bottom feeding

I'm bored, being put in the middle of this foreign, foreign, foreign, former feeling

& if it's not the favors you'll throw into the mornin', mornin', mornin', morning odor

I kept headed west, singing under breath, "It's only, only, only, only honor.."

Slump, put it somewhere else, buried underneath the fortune, fortune, fortune, where we can be alone

Soon, don't you wanna pick up the telephone for solely, solely, solely, solely, "So long" ?

& if it's not the kind you want, there's different colors, colors, colors, gold & grey &

Prone, if you wanna look at the centerfold, the mirror, mirror, mirror, dear I warned you

& if you wanna praise the Lord, ya gotta know more about what's goin' up, not just what's comin' down

Now, if you wanna wait it out, all soap is slower, slower, slower, slower than dirt

Track Name: 32X30
I know it's hard to see, but picture Frankenfuck with a, "Say cheese!" smile
While I compete & choose between integrity over industry
If only you told me there'd be this lack of luster and spare change
All the rage, all the same, all the mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! ..if only

Oh my, mea culpa, oh my, mea culpa
The price that you play & the state that you're from
& the sky couldn't inspire love
Now it's over & over & over & over
Oh my, mea culpa, oh my, mea culpa
The price of your age & a good résumé
& the waste of your fun
Now it's over & out, over & out [over & over & over & over]

Out! Now! Thanks for comin' on

Down! Now! Thanks for comin' on.. down!

& I'll only say this once: the look on their face is too good to pass up
Comin' around now I'm comin' undone; lost & then found & it's so hard to tell
Part of me wants it & part of me's done; part of me's tired & part of me's caffiene
& part of me's not real, but that's nothing new; part of me's livid & part of me's...

Oh my, mea culpa, oh my, mea culpa
The crisis averted & scared & alone
& the way that ya fold
& it's over & over & over & over & over & over

The Range & the Rover
The minimum wagin' the war when you're older
& loaded on drugs
Now it's over & out, over & out

& I'll only say this once: the look on their face is a million to none
Comin' around now I'm comin' undone; slip & then fall & then sleep on the ground
Part of me's begging & part of me's pride & part of me somewhere is falling in line
Part of me's grateful & part of me's spite & part of me's somewhere you won't recognize
& part of me's slighting, but that's nothing new; part of me's somethin' & part of me's
Track Name: Spermophyte [Getting The Boot]
Science got me walkin' on the sun & on the ceiling
& the sound of nothing else has never sounded so appealing
& he's tossing dinner in a parking lot
Said he's got a special lady & she talks a lot
Think he meant to say it like, "She barks a lot.."
Got me skippin' thru the fillers to my favorite parts
[That ev'rybody hates] Got me in the mood to procreate
Little minions, spittin' image, helpin' spread the faith.. hey!

I.. forgot.. manners

Naked, from the birth to the locks on the doors
Naked, from the chord to the crawls at the bars
Vacant, from the mind to the dullness of eyes
Take it, if it's worth.. the time
Track Name: Private Flounder
A side of me that seems to overstay
A song I sing that sounds like it can wait

Don't wake me, please don't shame me
Back of my head, feels like I'm still eighteen
Mistake me, really don't faze me
Underground was nice, now I'm comin' alive.. !

Don't strange dream, sleep-in-late-fee
Back of my head, sick, cele-no-brate me
Insanely, shake it out
Safety second to the night if we die in our prime

Don't tell me some promise of par-a-lone-dise
Don't tell me I'm holding my grudges too tight
Don't tell me I'm covered in all of your... lies!

Spare me, sink you

Don't chain me, summertime baby
Back of your head, re-allo-locate me
Clean slate me, really don't thank me
Thought I saw the light, but it's makin' me blind

& surveys say I'm probably slippin' on the stage
I'm frozen in my place, I know you're throwin' shade


Heydays came soon

UGH! UGH! UGH! Hmmm..